Here is some info that will help you in your decision to purchase this lovely house.

Easily found at the end of Route 414 on the La Scie Highway from the Dorset Trail, Route 410 (Baie Verte Highway Junction).

The address is 8 Don’s Road, La Scie, off Recreation Road, just turn left before you get to the big parking lot for the Cape John Arena. Highest house on the hill. Pink with a black roof. 

La Scie is on ‘Le Petit Nord’ (the Little Northern Peninsula), which is at the base of the Great Northern Peninsula, right on “Iceberg Alley”. In the late spring and summer months you may see icebergs floating right past the inlet as well as humpback and minke whales coming in to feed on the caplin. In the winter months snowshoeing and snowmobiling are popular on the trail network leading from La Scie throughout the Baie Verte Peninsula and along the shorelines. Locally there is a well maintained trail network, including the Basque Lookout, Linewalk Trail, Boone’s Hill Trail, Overfall Trail and Caplin Cove Trail, as well as the trail to the Island Cove Beach.

La Scie is a large outport town with a population of 850 or so, which is served by a town council, our own ambulance service, local fire department, post office, grocery stores, hardware stores and gas stations. We have the Outport Museum and Tea Room, offering traditional Newfoundland cookery (voted one of the ‘Best Places to Eat in Canada’ every year since 2006!!), wonderful kitchen parties and the museum will inform you of our regional and local past. There are also a couple of restaurant/snack bars for meals on the go. As well, we have a large recreation centre / arena for baseball, curling and hockey and where the Crab Fest is held during July most years. 

  • View of the house from the parking lot.
  • House view from parking lot.
  • Birds-eye view of the house.
  • My dog Zoe enjoying winter hiking.
  • Zoe waiting while I weave.
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